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Toshiba at NRF 2024.

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Discover more about how the ELERA Commerce Platform delivers innovative paths to unified, frictionless commerce.

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See how Toshiba is empowering retailers to create experiences beyond what they thought were possible at NRF 2024.

Check out the overview 

Retailers of every type need the power to think beyond your limitations, engage your customers beyond what you've been capable of before, and create experiences beyond what you thought possible.


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Retail rapidly changes, so retailers need to adapt and innovate quickly. New research gives insights into the expectations and concerns of retailers. With Toshiba, you have the ability to power your enterprise, deliver frictionless transformation, improve the customer experience, and implement AI-powered profit protection to turn challenges into success and create experiences beyond your imagination.

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Why Toshiba?

Retail is essential, but retailers are under immediate pressure to innovate and succeed in an uncertain, rapidly-changing industry. With a trusted partner like Toshiba, you have the power to adapt effortlessly, elevate your retail experiences, and transcend the ordinary. Together, our passion for retail ensures you will thrive, prosper, and be empowered to best serve the communities and people whose lives you impact every day.